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We fell in love with Bullmastiffs many years ago purely by accident and have not looked back since. A very dear friend of ours kept on encouraging us to acquire a Bullmastiff, as he grew up with this breed. This was a big step to take as we progressed from owning Miniature Dachshunds to this large breed.

His original suggestion of acquiring a pet has actually backfired and we have now been acquired by a number of Bullmastiffs over the years. In fact, our household has now been taken over by this wonderful breed. Being reasonably competitive I have even ventured into the world of dog shows, which has now become a full-time hobby.

Our dogs are first and foremost family pets, living in and around home most of the day. I will occasionally have puppies, which I try and place in carefully selected homes as family pets. Another unexpected spinoff from our Bullmastiffs, are the number of good friends I have made in the World of Dogs over the years throughout South Africa and even abroad.

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